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State Seed Lab Moves Odds to Farmers’ Favor

Mississippi Seed Lab aids farmers in making sound planting decisions.
Kentucky Proud Restaurant Rewards

Restaurant Rewards Program Encourages Restaurants to Buy Local Ingredients

Kentucky Department of Agriculture's Restaurant Rewards program helps local restaurants subsidize costs of buying ingredients from local growers
Test batch of fuel at Fuel and Measures lab in Georgia

Department of Agriculture Inspects for Accuracy

Georgia's Department of Agriculture Fuel and Measure Division test everything from lottery balls to tuckloads traveling the state's roads for accuracy.
Georgia Department of Agriculture Safety Inspections

Inspections Ensure Safety of Food, Plants and Animals

Safety divisions at the Georgia Department of Agriculture conduct routine inspections to ensure safety for consumers.
Feed My School for a Week Program

Department of Ag Program Asks Local Communities to Feed Schools

The Feed My School for a Week program connects farmers with local schools to provide fresh food for student lunches.

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