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How Connecticut Helps Beginning Farmers Grow Their Dreams

Learn how several Connecticut organizations are offering education and training to beginning farmers across the state.

3 Women Making a Mark on Connecticut Agriculture

Connecticut women in agriculture lead their family farms into the future. Read about three family-owned farms in the state and the women who run them.
Junior Chef Competition

Tennessee Culinary Competition Promotes Skills in Youth

Students chefs make the cut at this annual competition.

How the Detroit School Garden Program is Teaching Michigan Students

Michigan students are getting lessons in compost, growing vegetables and more through the Detroit School Garden Collaborative.
robotic milkers

How Robotic Milkers Position Michigan Dairies for Success

Michigan dairy farms are on the cutting edge of technology.

Farm Facts About Florida Fruits and Vegetables

Learn more about Florida fruit and vegetable crops.
Fresh From FL videos

How to Use Florida Commodities in Fresh Recipes

Find Fresh From Florida recipes using the state's ingredients.

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