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turkey farming

Natural Selection: Kentucky Heritage Breeds

Heritage breeds prove popular among consumers, chefs.
Lafayette Elementary School – fourth grader eating breakfast in the classroom

Farm-Fresh Education

Farm to School initiative connects students with farmers, promotes healthy eating.
Glasses of wine

A Taste for Local Wine

Agritourism boosts sales at New Jersey wineries.
Beef cattle

Safe Steers in Alabama

Alabama cattle farmers are moving safety and sustainability to the top of the list.
Marcoot Jersey Creamery

Illinois Agritourism Educates Visitors in Entertaining Ways

Illinois' agritourism industry brings fun to the farm, while teaching people about the importance of agriculture.
Gary and Barbara Wright of AL

Good Eggs: Alabama Couple Wins Poultry Award

Couple Gary and Barbara Wright receives honor from Alabama Poultry & Egg Federation.

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