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Family Farms

It Takes a Family

Farm Bureau program recognizes hard work of Arkansas family farms.
Danny Kornegay plows a field at Kornegay Family Farms, preparing soil for a new sweet potato crop. He operates the farm with his wife, Susie, and their two children, Dan Kornegay and Kim Kornegay-LeQuire.

North Carolina’s Diverse Agriculture

North Carolina boasts diverse agriculture.

Historic Family Farms of Ohio

Ohio's historic family farms continue agriculture's traditions.
Fulford Family FL

All in the Family

The Fulfords enjoy the farming life in Monticello.
family farms

Family Dairy Farm Works Together

Florida dairy farm is a family, community-oriented operation.
charlie masters

Kentucky Family Tradition

Farmers, producers have deep roots in Kentucky.

Soy and Swine: Working Together in North Dakota

North Dakota hog and soybean production work together to ensure successful farms.
The Veeder Ranch North Dakota

For North Dakota Songwriter Jessie Veeder, There’s No Place Like Home

Watford City, North Dakota, native Jessie Veeder returns home to her family’s ranch after a career in songwriting.

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