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Oklahoma family farm

Young Farmers Follow in Family Footsteps

Passion and perseverance keep young farmers tied to the land.
Kyle and Gina Cantrell, Nebraska family farm

Generations of Nebraska Family Farm

High school sweethearts carry on the family tradition.
Steve Miller Farm Bicentennial Ohio

Ohio’s Founding Farm Families

Ohio’s bicentennial farms enjoy 200 years of same-family ownership.
Ohio Raggor Farms LLC

Ohio Dairy Dynasty

Five generations of Ohio dairy farmers continue the family legacy.

Georgia Agritourism Brings Southern Hospitality

Georgia farm families welcome visitors to agritourism destinations.
Texas farm families

Texas Families Make Farming & Ranching a Way of Life

Texas families nurture deep roots, supported by the Department of Agriculture's Family Land Heritage Program.
Meet a multi-generational Illinois farm family.

Illinois County Fair Queen Carries on Family Farming Tradition

Amelia Martens carries on her family's tradition of farming in Orion, Ill.
Georgia Farmer Chris Hopkins and his son

The Next Generation of Farmers Cultivates Marketing and Technology

Generational family farms cultivate changes in the future of Georgia farming.

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