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Virginia Farmland

Programs In Place to Preserve Virginia Farmlands

The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services are implementing program to help preserve the state's vital farmlands.

Eating Local Foods

Consumers connect with Mississippi producers through state-funded programs.
Centennial and Sesquicentennial Farms Celebrate Agriculture and Family

Centennial and Sesquicentennial Farms Celebrate Agriculture, Family History

Illinois family celebrate their generational farms through the Department of Agriculture's centennial program.
Farmland Legacy project helps keep Tennessee farms in business

Farmland Legacy Partnership Works to Keep Tennessee’s Farms in Business

The Tennessee Farmland Legacy Partnership is a group of a dozen government, university and nonprofit agencies working to raise awareness about the state’s agricultural history and the importance of farmland to its future.
Alabama Farm to School program

Farm to School Program Connects Students to Fresh, Local Food

Alabama students enjoy state-grown sweet potatoes, watermelons, satsuma mandarins and apples, all through the Alabama Farm to School program.

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