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From Farm to Food Truck in Tennessee

Tennessee food truck trend shows no sign of pumping the breaks.

From the Alabama Farm to Table

EAT South and Montgomery chef team up to encourage eating local farm foods.
Marvin Wilhite is the owner of Cahaba Clubs Herbal Outpost in Odessa.

Florida Microgreens – Tiny Plants, Big Flavor

Florida grower taps into demand for microgreens.
A salad of local mixed greens and fruit served at the Coach House

Oklahoma Restaurants are Going Local

Oklahoma restaurants support the state’s producers by sourcing local ingredients.
Chef Heidi Tr

South Carolina Chefs are Cooking Up A Local Food Collaboration

Chef Ambassadors help advance South Carolina’s local food movement.

San Francisco Start-Up Brings Farm-to-Fridge Groceries

A San Francisco start-up is bring fresh foods from the farm to your refrigerator.

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