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Farmers Handshake

The Crisis Hotline Colorado Farmers Rely On

The Colorado Department of Human Services provides a crisis hotline for struggling farmers in an effort to prevent suicides.

Fun Facts About U.S. Agriculture

Agriculture is one of the United States' most important industries, employing 17 percent of the country's total work force. Here are fun facts and statistics about U.S. agriculture.

Local, National Economy Fueled By North Carolina’s Crops

North Carolina farmers grow more than just crops.
Georgia Agriculture

Georgia Agriculture Overview 2015-16

Georgia farmers are foundation of state's innovative agriculture industry.
Noble Guedon- Giving ag a voice

Giving Agriculture a Voice in Mississippi

Farm Families of Mississippi bridges communication gap between farmers and consumers.
Illinois Century Farms

Illinois Centennial Farms Honor Agricultural Longevity

Illinois Centennial and Sesquicentennial farm programs make sure young people have a future on farms.
Lowderman Cattle Company

Illinois Beef Producers Bounce Back After Drought

Illinois beef producers keep a positive outlook despite the 2012 drought.
The Business of Agriculture in Kentucky

State-Funded Initiatives Partner with Department of Ag to Help Kentucky Farmers

State-funded resources and offices like the Governor's Office of Agriculture Policy work with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture to support state farmers and the agriculture community

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