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How Do You Say Pecan? Mapping Food Dialect Trends Across the...

Pronunciation trends across the country.
Lantern in Chapel Hill, NC

Do You Live in a Foodie City?

Where are the best foodie cities in the United States? And what qualifies a place as a foodie city, anyway?
College Students Shape Future Food Trends

College Students Shaping Future Food Trends

Generation-Y is shaping food trends for the future, with habits like new fruit and veggie discovery, a love for ethnic cuisine and quick "on-the-go" foods.
Bacon Trends

No U.S. Bacon Shortage, Say U.S. Pork Farmers, American Farm Bureau

Great news – you don't have to start stockpiling bacon. According to the American Farm Bureau Federation, the "aPORKalypse is baloney."
food porn

Does Looking at Food Photos Make You Eat More?

Pinterest addicts, listen up: A new study claims that just looking at high-calorie food photos may contribute to overeating.
beef burgers on the grill

Ground Beef Gains Ground in New Survey

According to a new study by the Beef Checkoff, consumers are eating just as much beef as they were in 2005 – but fewer steaks and deli meats.

Halfsies: Eat Less, Help the Hungry

A new program called Halfsies invites restaurant diners to order smaller portions and help the hungry at the same time.
Food trends: doughnuts

Food Trends in 2012

What will the new year bring to the foodie world? Here are some predicted food trends for 2012.

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