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On-Farm Produce Inspections Protect Wisconsin Consumers

On-farm produce safety inspections in Wisconsin began in summer 2019, and officials see Wisconsin farms upholding the state’s reputation for safe food.
genome sequencing

Why Genome Sequencing is Important for Food Safety

Advanced scientific process reduces foodborne illness.

What the Oregon Department of Agriculture is Doing to Fight Foodborne...

Protecting Oregonians and preventing foodborne illness.

How the Wisconsin Division of Animal Health Protects the Livestock Industry

A protection of the state’s multibillion-dollar livestock industry.

Produce Growers Adjust to Change with Food Safety Modernization Act

Montana Department of Agriculture helps growers navigate Food Safety Modernization Act with training sessions.

Food Safety 101: 10 Q&As on Safe Food Practices

Helpful tidbits on food safety practices with produce, meats and everyday products.
Tennessee food safety lab

Why Michigan Consumers Buy Food with Confidence

New FSMA rules elevate food safety standards in Michigan and across the nation.
Tennessee food safety

How To Be Sure Michigan Food is Delicious and Safe

Michigan Department of Agriculture protects consumers while ensuring safe food.

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