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Apple Answers: Selection, Storage and Cooking With Apples

Get to the core of apples as ingredients with answers about selecting, storing and cooking with apples, and which apple varieties work best for certain recipes.

5 Ways to Realistically Reduce Your Food Waste

American Farm Bureau Federation helped launch a new campaign to take promote the problem of food waste and what we can do to change for the better.

10 Ways to Reduce Waste in the Kitchen

Looking for ways to make your kitchen more eco-friendly? Learn how to reduce waste in the kitchen with 10 easy, cost-saving steps.
shelf life of food infographic

The Shelf Life of Your Groceries

Is that yogurt past its expiration date? Don't pitch it just yet. See recommended storage times for common grocery items.

Preserving Produce: Storing and Freezing

Cold storage in a root cellar, freezing and drying are three ways to preserve summer food throughout the year.
Canned pickles and peppers

Can You Can? Canning and Pickling Basics

Learn how to can or pickle your vegetables to enjoy the fresh taste of summer all year round.

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