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Tips for Harvesting Summer Produce

Learn quick tips from P. Allen Smith for harvesting summer vegetables like tomatoes, peppers and squash.

Spring Recipe & Gardening Guide

Celebrate the season with fresh recipes and gardening tips in our spring recipe guide.
Seed Packets

Colorado Public Library Starts Loaning Seeds

Public library adds fruit and vegetable seed packets to its collection to loan to visitors.
shade gardens explained

Shade Garden Tutorial: Defining Light, Partial and Full Shade Plants

Plant tags show a darkened circle or half circle to represent shade, but what's the difference between light shade, partial shade, full shade and deep shade?
carrots and zucchini from my garden

3 Helpful Gardening Lessons

I like the idea of growing my own food, but I'm not especially talented at gardening. Still, I enjoy a challenge, and unlike most people who rely on Google for horticulture help (they are experts, after all), I have a secret weapon – my mother.

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