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Kristy Arnold in Wayne County works the farm that’s been in her family for three generations.

Georgia Agriculture is Growing Strong

Georgia agriculture embraces modern technology and innovations.

Georgia Agriculture Calendar of Events 2017

Agricultural events are a chance to show the public the importance of the state’s agriculture industry.
Georgia Top 10 Ag Commodities featured

Georgia’s Top Ten Ag Commodities (Infographic)

See an interesting infographic showing Georgia's top ten agricultural commodities.

Best in Show

Peek inside a day in the life of a Georgia livestock showman.

Abraham Baldwin Ag College is An Educational Pioneer

Abraham Baldwin launched ag education in Georgia.
Bell Peppers

A Bell Pepper’s Journey from the Field to Your Plate

Follow the path of a Georgia-grown bell pepper.

Co-Packers Pack a Punch

Co-packers add value to ag products.
Georgia Farmer Chris Hopkins and his son

The Next Generation of Farmers Cultivates Marketing and Technology

Generational family farms cultivate changes in the future of Georgia farming.

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