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Colorado’s Millet Industry is on the Rise

Colorado's millet industry is No. 1 in the country, growing about 6.4 million bushels annually, and earning about $23 million from the crop.

Value-Added Ag Products Keep North Dakota’s Farms Vital

Agriculture value-added products keep North Dakota farms vital and boost the bottom line.
Chisholm Trail Terminal

Oklahoma is Right as Grain

New grain facility helps shuttle Oklahoma wheat to foreign markets.
A longshoreman levels a load of durum wheat being exported to Italy from the Twin Ports.

Grading the Grain

Monitoring grain quality for export.

Swapping to Grain Sorghum in Alabama

More Alabama farmers are switching from planting corn to grain sorghum to help meet a global demand.

South Carolina Farmers are Going with the Grain

Viability of crop, animal industries intertwined.
Green Plains Energy Ethanol Grain Processors , TN

Counting on Tennessee Crops

Grain processing companies fuel economy in rural Tennessee.
gas pump

Nebraska Ethanol Pumps It Up

Ethanol stands out as renewable fuel alternative.

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