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5 Fun Facts About Hemp

Hemp, sometimes confused with marijuana, is a plant that is grown primarily for industrial use.

Florida Farmers Are Uniquely Positioned to Grow Industrial Hemp

The 2018 Farm Bill along with Florida’s subsequent passage of a hemp bill opened up a tremendous opportunity for the state’s farmers.

Reviving Hemp Production in Florida

Florida farmers are uniquely positioned to grow industrial hemp, with ideal growing systems and methods that they already use for other crops.
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The Future Looks Bright for New Mexico Hemp Industry

New Mexico recently passed a law legalizing industrial hemp.

Colorado Farmers Explore High-Value Markets

Prioritizing high-value markets – such as hemp, agritourism and product diversificaiton – is helping Colorado farmers thrive

Connecticut Hemp Industry Association Works to Revive Rural Economy

The Connecticut Hemp Industry Association strives to revitalize the state's rural economy and agricultural industry through hemp.
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The Unlikely Farming Company Aiding Colorado’s Hemp Producers

Colorado hemp producers have added a new crop to 4Rivers Equipment’s lineup of customers as the state’s hemp industry continues to boom.

Industrial Hemp Pilot Program Foresees A Bright Future

Montana's Industrial Hemp Pilot Program had a successful first year benefiting local growers as well as consumers.

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