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How to Choose the Best Beef and Pork Cuts of Meat

Nebraska beef and pork producers share advice on selecting cuts of meat.

California Couple Moves to Oklahoma to Build a Business in the...

When Tina Falcon and her husband visited Oklahoma in 1999, they had no idea they would soon leave behind their California home for the hog business.
herd health

Why Missouri Farmers Make Animal Health a Priority

Farmers care deeply about the welfare of their animals, and advancements in technology are making animal health easier to monitor and maintain.

Meet the Family Farmers Behind Oklahoma’s Luthi Farms

What started out as a small farm has become a successful, family-focused operation.

How Raising Pigs Helped a Nebraska Farmer Keep His Family Farm

Nebraska row crop farmers add value to their family farms by diversifying into raising hogs.
Nebraska Agriculture family

How Three Families Successfully Run One Nebraska Hog Farm

Nebraska farm family creates picturesque homeplace centered on pork.

Know Your Colorado Agriculture Products

Get to know Colorado's ag products.

Soy and Swine: Working Together in North Dakota

North Dakota hog and soybean production work together to ensure successful farms.

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