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A Few Things You May Not Know About Tennessee Honeybees

The need for honeybees has never been greater, as they are huge contributors to pollination and support Tennessee's ag industry.

Virginia Honey Project Promotes Bee Habitat and Awareness

The Virginia Department of Forestry has collaborated with Melissae to test the compatibility of honey production with public land management.

Florida’s Pollinators Are Sweeter Than Honey

Pollinators (bees) make a substantial impact on fruit and vegetable production, and their impact on Florida agriculture should not be underestimated.

Wisconsin’s Beekeeping Industry Is Buzzing

From hive to table, the thriving Wisconsin beekeeping industry ranges from small family farms to large-scale commercial productions.

Bee Pollen: Uses and Benefits

Regarded as one of nature's most nourishing foods, bee pollen contains nearly all the nutrients humans need. Learn more about the uses and benefits of this fascinating superfood.

What’s the Buzz on Virginia Pollinators?

State apiarist shares the state of pollinators in Virginia.

The Buzz on Ohio’s Beginner Beekeeping Scholarship

The Youth Beginner Beekeeping Scholarship teaches Ohio students how to care for bees and their hives, ensuring the pollinators remain for generations to come.
10 States Helping Pollinators

How 10 States Are Helping Pollinators

Without pollinators around the country, one third of our food would disappear. From Oregon to Connecticut, protected honeybees are supporting agriculture.

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