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Delicious strawberry ice cream in a bowl.

State Fair Ice Cream Contest Showcases Oklahoma Dairy Farms

Oklahoma dairy farms are in the spotlight during an annual ice cream contest at the Oklahoma State Fair.

Peaches and Cream Freezer Pie

A twist on the classic icebox pie, this recipe uses fresh peaches, vanilla ice cream and gingersnaps before being topped with a decadent almond brittle.
southern craft creamery

We All Scream for Florida Ice Cream

Southern Craft Creamery serves up fresh, flavorful treats one pint at a time.
FFA Ice Cream Ohio

FFA and Ice Cream Company Team Up to Create New Flavors

Versailles, Ohio, FFA and Velvet Ice Cream team up to create new ice cream flavors.
Ice cream cone scoop

Wisconsin Dairy has been Churning For Generations

Pine River Dairy has been making dairy products since 1877.
National Ice Cream Month

Clemson University ’55 Exchange Reaps Sweet Rewards

‘55 Exchange at Clemson has been dishing out ice cream since 1920.
Graeters Ice Cream Black Raspberry Chip

Ohio is an Ice Cream Dream

Two Ohio ice cream companies find national success.
Young's Jersey Dairy

The Scoop on Ohio Agritourisum

Ohio farms add activities to attract visitors.

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