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Homegrown by Heroes in Illinois

Homegrown by Heroes aids Illinois' farmer veterans.

Top 10 Illinois Agricultural Commodities

The state’s top agriculture products, based on National Agricultural Statistics Service 2014 data.

Illinois Agriculture: A Strong Foundation

Producers lay the groundwork for Illinois agriculture while schools prepare the future of the industry.
Illinois Department of Agriculture Fuels and Measures Inspections protect consumers

Weights and Measures Inspectors Assure Accuracy for Consumers

Illinois Weights and Measures inspectors check fuel and agricultural need measurements to ensure accuracy for consumers.
Illinois Where Fresh Is Logo

Illinois Logo Program Promotes Specialty Crop Producers

Illinois' "Where Fresh Is" marketing program and other state education services connect consumers to local specialty crop growers.
Illinois Egg Safety Inspection

Illinois Inspections Protect Consumers

The Illinois Department of Agriculture makes routine inspections to safeguard the public consumer and prevent disease outbreak.
Illinois Leads the U.S. in Processed Foods Sales

Illinois Leads the U.S. in Processed Foods Sales

Illinois' leading manufacturing activity boasts more than 2,514 companies and the state a front runner in processed food exports for the U.S.
Illinois Product Logo Program

Illinois Products Logo Program Promotes Local Food and Products

The Department of Agriculture's Illinois Products Logo program gives producers an opportunity to put a signature on their product while identifying locally grown food and products for consumers.

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