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F10-Fairgrounds as Economic Engine

Illinois State Fairgrounds Provide Economic Impact

The economic impact from events at the Illinois State Fairgrounds is felt throughout the year.
Spring greens in the garden

Illinois Consumers Growing Together With Community Gardens

Opportunities for community gardens teach consumers about agriculture.
Meet a multi-generational Illinois farm family.

Illinois County Fair Queen Carries on Family Farming Tradition

Amelia Martens carries on her family's tradition of farming in Orion, Ill.
Harness Racing at the Illinois state fairs

Illinois Celebrates Tradition of Harness Racing at Fairs Across the State

Illinois state fair-goers enjoy the combination of entertainment and agriculture with five days of harness horse racing.
Illinois State Fairs Promote Agriculture

Best in Show: Agriculture Deeply Rooted in Illinois State Fairs

From livestock competitions to the tasks of a farmer, Illinois state fairs showcase the state's booming agriculture industry.

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