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Gayle Goschie of Goschie Farms holds hops.

Irrigation Innovation on Oregon Farms

Oregon farmers welcome opportunities for efficient use of water.
Delta Plastics Pipe Planner

Arkansas Water Works

Delta Plastics launches H20 Initiative to help farmers better manage irrigation.
Florida conservation

Florida Farmers Conserve and Protect

A look at water conservation methods used by the state's farmers.
irrigation pivot sprays

Nebraska Conserves Water Drop by Drop

Nebraska farmers make large strides in conserving water.
Arkansas water system

Arkansas Farmers Implement Water Conservation Efforts

Farmers strive for water conservation in Arkansas.

Mississippi Smart Farms

Mississippi farmers use cutting-edge technology in the field.
Tennessee Irrigation

Irrigation Practices Increase Yields for Row-Crop Farmers

New irrigation practices give Tennessee row-crop farmers the boost they needed.
Faming with Tehnology

Technology Helps Nebraska Farmers Produce in the Digital Age

Modern technology helps Nebraska farmers produce more while being good stewards of the land.

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