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Kentucky Agriculture Top 10

A look at the state’s top agricultural commodities, based on cash receipts.
Mobile Ag Ed

Kentucky Agriculture School on Wheels

Kentucky's Mobile Science Activity Center Program takes agriculture on the road.
Kentucky Consumer Protection Services

Kentucky Department of Agriculture Inspection Services Safeguard the Public

Kentucky Department of Agriculture services, like weights and measures regulations, meat and animal feed inspections and food safety regulations help protect consumers
PACE Program

PACE Program Preserves Kentucky’s Farmlands

Kentucky Department of Agriculture's PACE conservation program helps protect easements of land to preserve the state's farmlands
Kentucky Proud Program logo

Kentucky Proud Logo Program Promotes Local Products

Kentucky Department of Agriculture's Kentucky Proud marketing program connects farmers and consumers to highlight Kentucky products
The Business of Agriculture in Kentucky

State-Funded Initiatives Partner with Department of Ag to Help Kentucky Farmers

State-funded resources and offices like the Governor's Office of Agriculture Policy work with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture to support state farmers and the agriculture community

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