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Poultry Ranks High Among Kentucky’s Commodities and Exports

Poultry is Kentucky's top agriculture commodity, bringing business to the Bluegrass State through agriculture cash receipts and exports
Kentucky Equine Industry

Kentucky’s Equine Industry Rides Beyond Thoroughbreds

Kentucky's famed equine industry brings in big agritourism bucks and proves it is more than just Thoroughbred racing
Kentucky's Ginseng Exports

There’s Plenty to Root For in Kentucky’s Ginseng Exports

Kentucky is one of just 19 states with an international ginseng export program, sending the root to the Far East and contributing to the state's agriculture economy
Kentucky Lumber and Timber Industry

Kentucky Lumber Industry Benefits From Overseas Exports

Exports to China significantly boost Kentucky's forestry and lumber industry, which brings in nearly $1.3 billion per year
Kentucky Tobacco Documentary

Kentucky’s Tobacco History Explored in New Documentary

A new film recognizes Kentucky's dark-fired tobacco legacy through the story of a Calloway County farm
Kentucky Tobacco

Kentucky Tobacco Producers Adapt to a Changing Industry

Kentucky tobacco farmers are adapting new research and technologies to keep up with an evolving tobacco industry
Caudill Seed Company Celebrates 65 Years

Caudill Seed Celebrates a Long History in Kentucky

Kentucky's Caudill Seed Company celebrates 65 years of business as a seed distributor proud to be a Bluegrass State producer
Kentucky Soybeans

Corn and Soybeans Rank Among Kentucky’s Top Commodities

Among Kentucky's top agriculture commodities are row crops corn and soybeans, which significantly contribute to Kentucky's $5 billion in farm cash receipts annually

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