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It’s In Wisconsin’s DNA

Livestock genetics companies lead industry, serve global demand.
Meat of the Matter

Raising Quality Georgia Livestock

Georgia cattle and hog farms satisfy many tastes.
Oregon Grass seed

Oregon Agriculture

Oregon has a vast and multifaceted agriculture industry. Read more about Oregon agriculture.

South Carolina Farmers are Going with the Grain

Viability of crop, animal industries intertwined.
Arizona Beef Cattle

Tennessee Top 10 Agricultural Products

Tennessee’s leading ag commodities, based on cash receipts.

Michigan’s Top 10 Agricultural Commodities

Leading commodities, based on cash receipts.
Ferry Farms in Litchfield MI.

Michigan Dairy is Cream of the Crop

Dairy processors provide markets, growth in state.
ARCHIVE: Prattville Alabama 2008cc'd

Animal Traceability in Michigan

Animal ID program increases efficiency and improves marketability of cattle.

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