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Grain Tours in Illinois

Illinois Agriculture Reaches Asian Pacific, Central and South American Export Markets

Illinois plays a major role in U.S. agriculture exports, sending commodities to Asian Pacific, Central and South American markets.

Tennessee’s Diverse Agriculture Varies Across State

From new farm technology to the importance of transportation, agriculture is big business in the Volunteer State.
beef cattle

The Meat of the Matter: Beef Farm Facts

Beef up on fun facts related to beef and cattle, the largest segment of U.S. agriculture.
Lieb Bison Farm in Illinois

Bison Meat Benefits: Local, Healthy

A corn and soybean farmer has added grass-fed bison meat to his farm, which pleases both locavores and those looking for healthy meat options.
Beef cattle farmer John Mitchell

City Farmers Market Yields Success for Rural Beef Farm

Beef farmer John Mitchell discusses how he cares for his animals, why he decided to turn to city farmers markets and what life is like for today's farmer.
Boer Goats raised for meat

Goat Meat Farms Climb in Popularity

Raising goats for meat may sound unusual to some, but goat meat consumption is quite common around the world, particularly in Asia – and rising in popularity here in the United States.

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