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Kentucky Proud Program logo

Kentucky Proud Logo Program Promotes Local Products

Kentucky Department of Agriculture's Kentucky Proud marketing program connects farmers and consumers to highlight Kentucky products
Feed My School for a Week Program

Department of Ag Program Asks Local Communities to Feed Schools

The Feed My School for a Week program connects farmers with local schools to provide fresh food for student lunches.
Georgia Grown Program Logo

Georgia Grown Program Promotes Local Products to Connect Farmers and Consumers

Benefitting both growers and consumers, Georgia's Department of Agriculture's relaunched Georgia Grown marketing program has had a major impact in the industry.
Eating Alabama

Filmmaker Explores Why Food Matters in “Eating Alabama”

Filmmaker Andrew Beck explores the agriculture industry and why food matters in Alabama in his documentary, "Eating Alabama."
Illinois Product Logo Program

Illinois Products Logo Program Promotes Local Food and Products

The Department of Agriculture's Illinois Products Logo program gives producers an opportunity to put a signature on their product while identifying locally grown food and products for consumers.
Arrington Vineyards in Williamson County, Tennessee

A Taste for Tennessee’s Local Cuisine

Personal chef to Tennessee's first-family shares his favorite local Tennessee products.
The West Tennessee-based Williams Sausage Company, first began selling sausage in 1958

Well-Known Tennessee Sausage Companies Reflect on Humble Beginnings

Tennessee is home to several sausage companies that have grown but still remain based in the state.
Farmers Markets are growing in Tennessee

Farmers’ Market Movement Sees Tremendous Growth

The demand for locally grown food has fueled extraordinary growth in farmers’ markets across Tennessee. The state has 115 farmers’ markets listed through its Pick Tennessee Products online directory.

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