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Independence Bank Supports Local Agriculture

Local Businesses Raise Support for Kentucky Agriculture

Western Kentucky's Independence Bank partners with the non-profit Farm Aid program to raise money for state agriculture
Farmers Markets - red and yellow peppers

Farmers Markets Help You Eat Like a Locavore

Farmers markets encourage finding high-quality, fresh foods close to home.
Child picks strawberries at a farm

You-Pick Strawberry Fields Forever

Pick-your-own strawberry farm benefits from plasticulture as well as the locavore movement.
Alabama Farm to School program

Farm to School Program Connects Students to Fresh, Local Food

Alabama students enjoy state-grown sweet potatoes, watermelons, satsuma mandarins and apples, all through the Alabama Farm to School program.
Indiana Ice Cream

Here’s the Scoop on Indiana Ice Cream

Indiana, the second largest ice cream production state in the nation, is home to a spectrum of ice cream production from local on farm natural flavors to traditional comfort flavors on the grocery store shelves.

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