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This Mobile Trailer Travels to Teach About Meat Processing

North Dakota has a unique mobile meat trailer that visits agriculture students to teach about meat processing.

Nationwide Master Meat Crafter Certification Calls Wisconsin Home

Master Meat Crafter accreditation advances and improves the meat processing industry.

Wisconsin’s Meat Safety Inspection Program Celebrates 50 Years of Safety

Continuing to protect producers and consumers in the livestock industry.
Bone In Rib Eye row Steak and knife

Bacon, Ham, Beef: Welcome to Meat Country

Nebraska's meat processing facilities ensure tasty, high-quality foods.

Michigan Pork Producers are Going Whole Hog

The game is about to change for pork producers in Michigan. If everything stays on schedule for...

North Carolina Specialty Meat Producers Find a Delicious Niche

Specialty meat producers and processors grow their operations.
Meat Selection at M&T Meats in Hawkinsville, Georgia

Processing Plants Provide Certified Meat for Georgia and Other States

With 43 slaughterhouses in the state, Georgia's meat processing industry contributes more than $3 billion annually to the state economy.

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