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Guide to Common Cuts of Beef

Learn the difference between the most common cuts of pork and how to prepare them.
Mountain View Meats

Oklahoma Meat Processors are Linking the Future with the Past

Successful Oklahoma meat processor epitomizes the American dream.
DL Lee & Sons Meat

Georgia-Made Meat

Family company, D.L. Lee & Sons, celebrates 85 years in meat business.
student Cory Peters checks the grade of meat at University of Nebraska Lincoln meat lab

The Meat of the Matter in Nebraska

Nebraska farmers, university researchers collaborate on more nutritious beef and pork.

A Sampling of Sausage from Wisconsin

Wisconsin is home to a number of meat processors.

Wisconsin Processors Are Getting to the Meat of It

Opportunities abound for Wisconsin's processing industry.
Meat Terms Explained

Meat Terms, Explained

Many terms are often connected with meat products. Here's a guide to help you decipher all the different terminology.
Batey Farms Meat

Tennessee Farmers Find New Markets for Farm-Fresh Meats

Meat farmers across the state are selling products through new markets, direct to consumers.

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