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MSU Farms Obtain MAEAP Verification

Michigan State University prioritizes sustainability and conservation by completing the MAEAP Verification process for their campus farms.
American chestnut

How Michigan Researchers are Saving the American Chestnut

Researchers utilize a natural virus to restore the historic American chestnut.
MSU Institute of Ag Technology

How MSU’s Institute of Agricultural Technology Trains Students for the Future

MSU's Institute of Agricultural Technology offers two-year certification programs to students across the state.
innovation center

How MSU’s Innovation Center Engages Entrepreneurs

MSU Innovation Center provides visionaries with the tools they need.

MSU Product Center Guides Aspiring Ag Entrepreneurs

MSU Product Center offers guidance to those who want to jump-start their careers in the food and agriculture industry.
Spring Meadow Nursery

Michigan Nursery Industry is Going Green

Michigan provides fertile ground for family-owned horticulture businesses.

Michigan Specialty Crops from A to Z

From red tart cherriesĀ to Easter lilies to maple syrup, Michigan is one of the most diverse growing...

Michigan Wine Trails

The wine is fine in Michigan. And so are the tours, tastings and all the other facets...

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