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Agricultural Renaissance for Choctaw Indians

Agriculture comes back to the reservation in Mississippi.

High Tunnels Help Farmers’ Products, Profits

The use of high tunnels for growing crops and plants has increased products and profits for Mississippi farmers.

Alliance for Sustainable Ag Production Improves Quality of Life

Program helps Mississippians grow and market healthy food.
Mississippi Soybeans

Rows of Soybean Success

Soybeans among Mississippi's top agricultural commodities.

Hidden Arrows Farms: A Family Affair

Four brothers run dairy goat operation at the family farm in Brandon.

Building a Freshwater Market at Lauren Farms

Lauren Farms in Mississippi is on the forefront of the new freshwater prawn industry.

University Extension Programs Lend a Hand

Mississippi universities help educate the public about agriculture through extension services.

Eating Local Foods

Consumers connect with Mississippi producers through state-funded programs.

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