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USDA Proposes Standards for Healthy Foods in Schools

The USDA recently released a proposal to increase healthy foods in schools by replacing snack bar and vending machine foods with healthier options.

Nutrition Basics Explained

Learn the nutrition basics for eating healthy and living well.
Nutrition Facts Label

Do You Think Nutrition Labels on Food Are Confusing?

Despite so many Americans concerned about our health, the nutrition labels of food products at the grocery store remain confusing to many consumers. Do you think the Nutrition Facts food label needs a makeover?
Feed My School for a Week Program

Department of Ag Program Asks Local Communities to Feed Schools

The Feed My School for a Week program connects farmers with local schools to provide fresh food for student lunches.
Red Bell Peppers Nutrition

Red Bell Peppers’ Nutrition Beats Its Colorful Cousins

Did you know that red bell peppers are better for your health than their green, yellow and orange cousins?
Facts about asparagus, how to cook asparagus

10 Facts About Asparagus

Find asparagus cooking tips, how to pick it out at the grocery store, health benefits and fun facts about these nutrient-rich spring spears.
Pennington Seed pecans

13 Reasons to Eat Pecans (and 13 Pecan Recipes)

In honor of National Pecan Day, read the health benefits of pecans in a nutshell, and find 13 pecan recipes to enjoy these nutritious nuts.

7 Reasons to Eat Fresh Strawberries This Spring

Strawberries are delicious springtime fruits, but do you know the science behind their health benefits?

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