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Sweetwater Organic Community Farm

Community Farm Combines Education, Organic Farming

Serving the local community in more ways than one.
Fullei Fresh

How One Florida Company Commits to Diversity

Fullei Fresh wins the Champion Award for diversity.

Deciphering Food Labels

What's the difference between natural and organic? Discover what food labels say about the foods you're eating.
Florida beef

Fresh From Florida Beef

Adena Ranch raises, sells naturally raised meats to Florida consumers and beyond.
Zach Christensen of Christensen Farms,

Farmers and Neighbors are Growing in Harmony

Local farmers with diverse practices, crops show mutual respect.

Michigan Poultry in Motion

Producers of turkeys, broilers and eggs are seeing growth.
grocery shopping

Food Myths, Busted

Answers to commonly asked food-related questions.

Building New Agricultural Markets for Georgia

Stevia and other new commodities position Georgia to grow.

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