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What’s in Season This Summer?

Discover all the delicious fruits and vegetables that are in season this summer.

Do Canned and Frozen Fruits and Vegetables Have Fewer Nutrients?

Many of us have probably heard the rumor that fresh fruits and vegetables always contain more nutrients than canned or frozen produce. However, a recent study has officially disproved that theory.

What’s in Season This Winter?

You may think that winter is downtime for fresh produce, but there are actually lots of nutritious fruits and vegetables in season this time of year.

What’s In Season This Fall?

Discover what's fresh and in-season for fall. Make the most out of produce like apples, figs and winter squash, which are at their peak during the season.

Hoophouses for Health Helps Farmers with Infrastructure Needs

Program provides local farmers with infrastructure in exchange for fruits and vegetables.
Florida produce chart

Florida Produce is Always Fresh (INFOGRAPHIC)

See an availability chart for when fresh Florida produce is in peak season

Farm Facts About Florida Fruits and Vegetables

Learn more about Florida fruit and vegetable crops.
produce stands

Why Florida’s Produce Stands Offer Consumers More Than Fresh Food

Consumers can enjoy fresh, delicious produce from the state's many produce stands.

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