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tomato blossom end rot

How to Prevent Blossom End Rot on Tomatoes

Our master gardener answers the summer gardening question: How do I prevent blossom-end rot on my tomatoes?
Farmer Shawn Duren from Tennessee

Not Your Average Farmer: Banker Shawn Duren

In a business suit and tie, Shawn Duren may not be what most people picture as a farmer. Duren, a farmer-turned-banker, discusses how important it is for young people of his generation to stay connected with farming.
Beef cattle farmer John Mitchell

City Farmers Market Yields Success for Rural Beef Farm

Beef farmer John Mitchell discusses how he cares for his animals, why he decided to turn to city farmers markets and what life is like for today's farmer.
Tennessee farmer Catherine Via

No-Till Farming Pioneer Speaks for Farmers

Meet a fourth-generation farmer who practices no-till farming on her 1,300-acre cotton, soybean, grain and hay farm with a cow/calf operation.
Tennessee farmer Margie Hunter

Food Safety Inspector Brings Work Home to the Farm

Margie Hunter's job as a food and dairy inspector is to ensure that food consumers purchase is safe. As a farmer, her job is to do the same – ensure safety.
Hog Farmer Brandon Whitt

Why Are Pigs Raised in Buildings? and Other Answers From a...

Hog farmer Brandon Whitt owns the pig who modeled for the cover of a "Charlotte's Web" book, which gave him a chance to talk to visitors about life as a farmer.

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