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Grilled Plums and Pears with Pistachio Creme

Grilled Plums and Pears with Sorghum-Pistachio Creme

Make grilled plums and pears a bit fancier with a light pistachio creme.

White Sorghum is the Other Grain in Arkansas

White sorghum grains popularity as a food product.
Apple Trio Salad with Bacon Vinaigrette

Apple Trio Salad with Bacon Vinaigrette

Three types of fresh apples add flavor and a satisfying crunch to this fall salad.

Swapping to Grain Sorghum in Alabama

More Alabama farmers are switching from planting corn to grain sorghum to help meet a global demand.
gas pump

Nebraska Ethanol Pumps It Up

Ethanol stands out as renewable fuel alternative.

Sorghum: Nebraska’s Comeback Grain

Sorghum becomes more popular as the demand for gluten-free grows.
Bacon and Sorghum Cornmeal Sandies

Bacon Sorghum Cornmeal Sandies

This savory cookie is full of pleasant surprises like bacon and sorghum. Serve it as you would crostini with crackers and cheese, or let it stand on its own.

Sorghum Ice Cream

A sweet summer treat, this sorghum ice cream uses an all-natural syrup that's rich in potassium and protein.

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