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Tennessee’s Top 10 Crops and Livestock

Learn more about the state's top agricultural products.

Raising Pigs with a Purpose

America’s hog farmers value innovation, safety and environment

Michigan Pork Producers are Going Whole Hog

The game is about to change for pork producers in Michigan. If everything stays on schedule for...

Common Cuts of Pork

Discover the most common cuts of pork and how to prepare them.

Illinois Agriculture: A Strong Foundation

Producers lay the groundwork for Illinois agriculture while schools prepare the future of the industry.

Utah Pig Power

Swine farm generates electricity and economic impact for local community.
Swine research in Ohio

Protecting the Herd

Ohio Department of Agriculture leads swine disease research.
student Cory Peters checks the grade of meat at University of Nebraska Lincoln meat lab

The Meat of the Matter in Nebraska

Nebraska farmers, university researchers collaborate on more nutritious beef and pork.

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