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Tennessee’s Top 10 Agricultural Commodities

Learn more about the state's top agricultural products.

How Tennessee Tobacco Growers Transition Through Change

Tobacco growers adjust to the new normal by growing other crops in high demand such as indigo.

North Carolina Tobacco Industry is Growing in New Directions

Tar Heel tobacco industry expands markets at home and abroad.
South Carolina Tobacco

South Carolina Tobacco: Changing of the Leaves

South Carolina’s tobacco industry holds on, despite challenges.

Future of Virginia Tobacco Burns Bright

Technology introduces new opportunities for the Virginia tobacco industry.
Tobacco plants at Downs Farms in Lebanon, KY.

Kentucky is Tops for Tobacco

Global demand keeps Kentucky No. 1 for burley tobacco.
Kentucky Tobacco Documentary

Kentucky’s Tobacco History Explored in New Documentary

A new film recognizes Kentucky's dark-fired tobacco legacy through the story of a Calloway County farm
Kentucky Tobacco

Kentucky Tobacco Producers Adapt to a Changing Industry

Kentucky tobacco farmers are adapting new research and technologies to keep up with an evolving tobacco industry

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