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How to Grow Your Own Sweet Potatoes

Learn how to sprout a sweet potato in your home garden.

Spring Gardening Guide

Ahh, spring, when a gardener's thoughts turn to sowing the first seeds of the year: cool-season vegetables.
growing asparagus

Growing Asparagus Takes Patience

If you’re growing asparagus in your garden, you’ll have to wait three years for your first crop. But once planted, you can expect 20 or 30 years of asparagus production.
Spring greens in the garden

Illinois Consumers Growing Together With Community Gardens

Opportunities for community gardens teach consumers about agriculture.
urban community gardens

When to Plant Vegetables

Learn what vegetables can be planted early in the season.
Eating raw radishes and other fresh vegetables is great for your health.

4 Healthy Benefits of Eating Garden-Fresh Produce

Reasons to eat fresh fruit and vegetables from your garden or local farm include phytochemicals, increased energy and reduced weight gain.

5 Tips for Successful Gardening in Small Spaces

Don’t think you have enough space to grow your own veggies? Think again.
carrots and zucchini from my garden

3 Helpful Gardening Lessons

I like the idea of growing my own food, but I'm not especially talented at gardening. Still, I enjoy a challenge, and unlike most people who rely on Google for horticulture help (they are experts, after all), I have a secret weapon – my mother.

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