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6 Plants Thomas Jefferson Grew That You Can Grow Today

Model your garden after Monticello with these six plants Thomas Jefferson grew that you can grow today.

What’s in Season This Spring?

Discover which fruits and vegetables are at their peak during the spring season.

What’s in Season: Kale

Find out why kale is America's favorite superfood.

What’s in Season: Spinach

Spinach is the perfect seasonal vegetable for late winter.

Vegetable Producers Grow From the Ground Up

Wisconsin vegetable growers prosper in Wisconsin's fresh market, processing sectors.

Lessons From Thomas Jefferson’s Garden

Learn gardening lessons from one of our founding farmers – Monticello.
Cabbage field bonnie plants

Mississippi Veggie Sales

Eubanks Produce continues 100-year family tradition of farming Mississippi vegetables.
White radish grown for seed production in St, Paul Oregon

Oregon Seed Needs

Oregon supplies vegetable seeds to the world.

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