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How A Cutting-Edge Metrology Lab in Nashville is Changing Farming

Ellington Agricultural Center's state-of-the-art metrology facility has the resources to attain near perfect results in weight and measurement studies.
Weights and measures program nebraska

Problem at the Pump? Nebraska’s Weights and Measures Division Can Help

Nebraska Department of Agriculture focuses on protecting consumers and retailers.
gas pump

Protection at the Pump

Gas and service stations nationwide are being plagued by skimmers, or devices embedded in gasoline pumps to...
gas pump

Wisconsin Bureau of Weights and Measures Gives Consumers a Fair Deal

Wisconsin Bureau of Weights and Measures protects consumers against inaccuracies.
Agriculture, Lab, Food

Food, Feed and Fuel Enforcers

Agriculture Department protects consumers at many levels.

Checks and Balances

Weights and Measures division ensures marketplace fairness.
Weights and Measures

Michigan Agriculture: Pulling Its Weights and Measures

How Michigan’s Ag Department works to protect farmers and consumers.
Weights and measures inspects gas pumps

Arkansas Bureau of Standards Gives a Square Deal

Bureau of Standards protects buyers and sellers in Arkansas.

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