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Wheat Farm

North Dakota Sees Diverse Opportunities for Wheat Crops

North Dakota's wheat industry continues to thrive despite the drought of 2017.
Combine harvesting wheat

Why Wheat and Barley are Montana Gold

Montana Wheat and Barley Committee celebrates 50th anniversary in 2017.
Wheat field

Diverse Commodity Production Complements North Dakota Farms

Dairy, soybean and wheat collaboration is a win-win for North Dakota producers.

Flour for the World

Firms worldwide pick Montana wheat.

Nebraska Wheat Goes Global

State’s wheat producers feed the world.
A longshoreman levels a load of durum wheat being exported to Italy from the Twin Ports.

Grading the Grain

Monitoring grain quality for export.
Farmside Chat

Michigan Wheat Fields of Gold

Commitment to research strengthens future of Michigan wheat crop.
Wheat harvest

Montana Produces Bushels of the Best Wheat

Montana wheat is prized by producers both at home and abroad.

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