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Try a Glass of Hatch Chile Wine From New Mexico

A business just outside of Hatch is bringing chiles to a new place – inside your wine glass.

How to Make Mulled Wine for the Holidays

Known as Glühwein in Germany and Gløgg in Scandinavia, mulled wine is a Christmastime classic that brings a little extra cheer to any holiday...

5 California Vineyards to Visit Beyond Wine Country

Ready to plan a sip trip to The Golden State? We've rounded up five of the best California vineyards outside of Wine Country.

6 Under-the-Radar Wine Regions Around the U.S.

America's wine industry is thriving — in places you might not expect. Discover 6 under-the-radar U.S. wine regions.

How to Taste Wine Like a Sommelier in 5 Steps

Learn how to taste wine like a sommelier with these simple tips from expert Eric Pool.
specialty crops

For Certain Crops, Patience Makes Perfect

Producers spend years cultivating the perfect harvest for certain specialty crops.
Crown Winery Humbolt, Tennessee

Drink Up With These Winning Wines from Ohio Quality Wine

Ohio Quality Wine label designates the percentage of Ohio-grown grapes in each bottle.

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