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How to Taste Wine Like a Sommelier in 5 Steps

Learn how to taste wine like a sommelier with these simple tips from expert Eric Pool.
FL agritourism

How to Enjoy Florida Agriculture in Every Season

Agritourism destinations offer fun for everyone year round.
Crown Winery Humbolt, Tennessee

Drink Up With These Winning Wines from Ohio Quality Wine

Ohio Quality Wine label designates the percentage of Ohio-grown grapes in each bottle.

Trout Springs Isn’t Your Average Wisconsin Winery – Here’s Why

Wisconsin's award-winning Trout Springs Winery offers more than delicious wine.

Michigan’s Growing Agriculture Industry on the Rise

Michigan's agriculture industry is booming and brings people together from all parts of the state.

Tourists Flock to Florida for Its Diverse Agritourism

Year-round agritourism brings visitors to Florida.
Eric Foster, co-founder of Stem Cider

Colorado is Raising the Bar in Liquid Arts

Liquid arts is on the rise in Colorado with craft beers, ciders, wines and distilled spirits gaining more popularity.
Courtesy of Jonathan Edwards Winery

Bottoms Up, Connecticut

Connecticut's wineries and distilleries create can't-miss beverages.

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