Crossville Log-A-Load Golf Tournament

Crossville Log-A-Load Golf Tournament

Across the country and here at home in Tennessee, forestry professionals are raising funds to improve children’s health through treatment, education and research.

Each year, Tennessee loggers and wood-supplying businesses join their professional colleagues across the United States in setting aside the value of at least one load of logs to give to Children’s Miracle Network hospitals across the state. In addition, over the past 26 years of the program, Log A Load for Kids has held many successful events in Tennessee and nationwide, demonstrating the caring and creativity of the state’s logging and forestry communities. Past events have included golf tournaments, bass fishing tournaments and clay shoots.

Nationally, these events raise more than $2 million each year. In Tennessee, the program annually donates at least $45,000 to various Children’s Miracle Network hospitals. To date, LeBonheur Children’s Hospital in Memphis has received almost $300,000 from the Log A Load for Kids program.

“It’s an incredible program,” says Candace Dinwiddie, executive director of the Tennessee Forestry Association, which sponsors the program. “Forestry professionals have been coming together for almost three decades to give children access to state-of-the-art care and research, and help with preventative education for these children.”

Helping to battle every disease and injury, 100 percent of the donations to the Log A Load for Kids program in the state goes directly to a Tennessee hospital.

Donations are accepted via credit card or check by filling out a donation form available on the Tennessee Forestry Association website or by calling 615-883-3832.

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With three golf tournaments already planned for 2015 and the possibility of other events, the program intends to raise around $50,000 this year.


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