Texas top 10 ag products [INFOGRAPHICS]

  1. Cattle –The iconic cattle ranches of Texas are home to 11.8 million head of cattle. In 2014, production was valued at approximately $9.2 billion.
  2. Milk – Cattle raised in Texas are not limited to beef. The state was home to 470,000 dairy cows in 2014, and milk production was valued at $2.54 billion.
  3. Broilers – The state’s number of broilers, or chickens raised for meat, totals 591.8 million. This commodity had a production value of $2.26 billion in 2014.
  4. Cotton – Texas produces enough cotton that if the bales were placed side-by-side, they would cover the distance from New York City to San Francisco more than 1.5 times. In 2014, cotton production was valued at $1.75 billion.
  5. Corn – 1.99 million acres of corn were harvested in Texas with 294.5 million bushels produced. Corn production in 2014 was valued at $1.31 billion.
  6. Hay – Texas produced 11.75 million tons of hay in 2014 — making the Lone Star State the top producer in the nation. The vast number of livestock in Texas make this a lucrative commodity with a production value of $978.26 million.
  7. Sorghum – Approximately 2.25 million acres of sorghum were harvested in 2014 and used for animal feed, seed, human consumption and industrial products like ethanol.
  8. Eggs – In 2014, 5.1 billion eggs were produced in Texas, and egg production was valued at $526 million.
  9. Wheat – Wheat flour is used in approximately three-quarters of all U.S. grain products, putting Texas’ 67.5 million bushels of wheat in high demand. This crop had a $432 million production value in 2014.
  10. Rice – Most Texas rice grows along the Upper Coast from Victoria east to Louisiana. The state’s rice production was valued at more than $158 million in 2014.
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