Matthew Boerner works on his family’s farm in Pilot Point while also attending Tarleton State University.

Matthew Boerner works on his family’s farm in Pilot Point while also attending Tarleton State University.

As the saying goes, everything is bigger in Texas, and that includes the agriculture industry. The Lone Star State leads the nation in total number of farms and ranches, with more than 245,000 operations averaging 530 acres in size. Together, this land spans more than 130 million acres. Texas farmers keep the family tradition alive, with nearly 99 percent of Texas farms and ranches being family farms, partnerships or family-held corporations. Texas agriculture’s total economic impact reaches $115 billion annually, and one out of every seven Texans works in an agriculture-related job.

Some of the state’s top commodities include cattle and calves, cotton and dairy products. The goods are produced and exported across Texas, the nation and world.

That being said, Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller is pleased to be spreading the word about agriculture’s value with his signature tagline — Texas Agriculture Matters. It’s all about teaching the importance of Texas agriculture to everyone.

Whether you work directly on the farm in rural Texas or in a major metropolis, agriculture touches the life of every Texan. From the food on our plates to the clothes on our backs to the fuel in our cars, every Texan is impacted by agriculture. This applies to people across the globe, too, as one of Commissioner Miller’s goals for the Texas Department of Agriculture is to foster and build strong international relationships.

The state’s youth are taking the lead in helping to keep Texas agriculture as a thriving industry moving forward into the future.

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Whether they’re conducting advanced agricultural research or staying involved in their family’s farming operation, young people today are making a positive impact and leading Texas agriculture toward a bright future.

If you pair the state’s current hardworking farmers and ranchers with the innovation coming from the next generation, it is easy to see that Texas agriculture is poised for even more success.


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