We rely on farmers daily for our food, but did you know there are lots of other everyday items that come from the farm? As you begin to fill your backpacks for the new school year, consider how common crops contribute to school supplies:


One acre of soybeans can create more than 82,000 crayons. Corn byproducts also help crayons keep their shape and allow the labels stay in place while you work your imagination on the page.


One tree makes approximately 170,000 pencils.


Don’t let its nickname “pigskin” fool you: Modern leather footballs are made from cowhide. Just one cowhide can make 20 footballs.

4Music Class

Expect some horsing around in music class – if you play violin, bows are made with hair from a horse’s tail.

5Back-to-School Style

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Liz West

A single bale of cotton can make 215 pairs of jeans. For the rich blue color of jeans, you can thank the indigo plantSome denim companies today still use dye from indigo plants.


Soybeans play a role every time you crack open a book. Soy ink is used to print textbooks.

7Lunch Time

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Patrick

Enjoying a PB&J? Thank a farmer for the wheat in your bread, the peanuts in your peanut butter, and the sugarbeets and fruit in your jelly. If you also have a pudding cup in your lunchbox, some brands are made with sunflower oil.


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