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Mooove over, team mascots. Dairy cows are university representatives that bring you on-site milk, ice cream and cheeses plus research and educational facilities for students. Learn more about these 10 university dairies and plan a visit to try out some of their dairy delights.

Cornell Teaching Dairy Barn. Photo via cornell.edu

1. Cornell University

Ithaca, New York

Cornell University is best known for their engineering programs. However, since 1880 the Cornell dairy herd has also been known for engineering milk production, dairy education, research and extension programs for the campus and community. Small-batch handcrafted premium ice creams and cheeses like Big Red Bear Tracks, Bavarian Raspberry Fudge and Chocolate Gorges, and Cornell Big Red cheddar are made by students and mentors from the highest-quality milk produced by Cornell cows, all served up in the Cornell Dairy Bar.

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