We’ve covered how corn mazes are designed, but we haven’t really tackled the topic of the a-maize-ing (sorry) themes that these creative-minded designers think up.

Corn maze themes are often agricultural (farmers, pumpkins), educational (often relating to state history) or seasonal (Frankenstein, scarecrows), but for some reason I’m drawn to the labyrinths that celebrate pop culture. With football kickoff coinciding with corn maze season, that sport is largely represented, from college rivalries to NFL stars such as Colin Kaepernick and Andrew Luck, along with at least three Green Bay Packers-themed corn mazes (all in Wisconsin, of course). The most seemingly random one I came across is a Michigan maze featuring Tim Allen of Home Improvement fame, but sadly, I couldn’t find an aerial photo of that one.

Still, here are my top five favorite pop culture corn maze designs from around the country that you can visit this fall:

5. Fifty Years of the Beatles, Richards Adventure Farm in McHenry County, Illinois

Beatles Corn Maze


4. Kraken Sea Monster, Treinin Farm in Lodi, Wisconsin

kraken corn maze, treinen farm, wisconsin


3. “So God Made a Farmer” by Paul HarveyPope Farms in Wiggins, Colorado

Pope Maze, Wiggins, Colorado


2. Voo Doo DoughnutsSauvie Island Haunted Corn Maze at Bella Organic & Portland Pumpkin Farm in Portland, Oregon

corn maze voodoo doughnuts, portland, oregon


And I just can’t ignore this last one, so the best pop culture corn maze design of 2013 is…

1. Duck Dynasty, Corn Dawgs in Loganville, Georgia

Duck Dynasty Corn Maze

What corn maze designs are your favorites, and which funny/surprising/amazing themes did we miss? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I enjoyed seeing the mazes that you featured. We at Coolspring Corn Maze, in Mercer, PA, have been doing a corn maze for the past nine years. Here is an aerial photo of our maze that is in the shape of a belt buckle. Thanks!/Users/johnmccullough/Desktop/Image 3.jpg


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